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3 Shades Of Brown

3 Shades Of Brown

Welcome to 3SOB, a sanctuary of self-expression and empowerment, founded by Evelyn, a visionary who turned her personal struggle into a revolutionary brand. Frustrated by the lack of inclusive products for her skin, Evelyn embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary – and thus, the Second Skin Adhesive Bra™ was born.

At 3SOB, we understand that beauty comes in every shade, and our brand reflects this commitment to diversity and individuality. The Second Skin Adhesive Bra™ is not just an undergarment; it's a statement of comfort, confidence, and celebration of the unique beauty that women of color embody.

Crafted with precision and care, our adhesive bra seamlessly blends with various skin tones, providing the perfect foundation for any outfit. No more compromises, no more struggles – just pure, unapologetic comfort designed with you in mind.

Evelyn's passion for inclusivity extends beyond product innovation; it's a dedication to fostering a community where all women feel seen, heard, and celebrated. At 3SOB, we believe in the power of representation, and our Second Skin Adhesive Bra™ is a testament to that belief.

Join us in redefining the standards of beauty and comfort. 3SOB is not just a brand; it's a movement, an embrace of individuality, and a celebration of the diverse tapestry that is womanhood. Step into confidence, elegance, and comfort – welcome to the home of the Second Skin Adhesive Bra™, where every woman shines in her unique radiance.

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